Product Development & Design

Graphic Design, Illustration, Prototyping
Project Overview
I managed and designed multiple licensed art and activity sets and games for children. Every product involved multiple components including stickers, stampers, crayons, and multiple intricately designed books. Wooden toy sets included development of stand up magnetic characters and houses and required product packaging to secure and hold all pieces within a limited space.
My Contributions
I handled anything from graphic production and file release to prototyping and packaging design of new products. Each product required unique packaging and design elements to fit size contraints for shipping and store requirements, as well as meet price points.

Artistic Studios, LLC
Project Manager and Senior Designer
Apr 2010 - Sept 2013
I managed multiple products each year (often over 35 jobs, each job included multiple licenses) simultaneously from sketch to art release including realistic product renderings, handmade physical product mockups, internal and external approval processes, and final art production releases. Proofed and prepared art files for release for overseas manufacturing. Created template mechanicals for blister and box packaging, communicated with overseas vendors to ensure product composition, build, and integrity is met to the highest standards.  Highly proficient in licensing standards from branding books and guidelines through the approval process, including Disney and Pixar Licensed Brands. Communicated with production team, both in-house and over seas, regarding product specifications, timelines, testing requirements and art releases.
Project Overview