Hello! I'm Erin Gennow.

I'm an artist, illustrator and designer. I work with a vast array of media - both traditional and digital - including watercolor, gouache, oil, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Even cake and icing. I sell fine art to a number of private collectors and I've collaborated with numerous clients including Disney, Pixar, Nick Jr., Paramount, Colorforms, University Games, Artistic Studios and Gap. I'm also a published children's book illustrator.

I enjoy the brainstorming and development of new projects; collaborating with clients and teams. My work is often brightly colored, cheerful and based on nature and interactions around me in daily life. A native of Michigan, I now live in Napa, CA where the beauty of Northern California's natural world influences my work.


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To say hi or to inquire about work, collaboration or purchasing artwork, please email me at erin@eringennow.com

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